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Here at Omah we have multiple solutions for the supply of Lightboxes and the printing of Lightbox backlit graphics. We have a range of lightboxes in our arsenal but we have the capability to print to your exact requirements. Using our wide format printing machine we can print high quality images and graphics for use in backlit signs or lightboxes.

This special backlit material is commonly known as Duratrans, and has different finishes, such as gloss or matt depending on the use and imagery. 

Duratrans Explained

Duratrans is a Kodak brand name but has become synonymous with any backlit material. It is short for Durable Transparency. When light hits any backlit material the light is diffused evenly throughout the entire printed image. This gives a much better distribution of light  compared to paper. The results are brighter, clearer and give a much more vibrant colour.

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In addition feel free to call in to our offices in Wilton and see some samples

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