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Rings on Hands


We can design, lay out and print your wedding ceremony books of course but in many cases couples like to do it themselves. Often it is the last thing to be done and so many times we have had to get them done in a rush. We can deliver all over Ireland, often next day if needed.

Take the stress away by using our simple guide to producing a print ready booklet. Most of people use Microsoft Word

1. Make sure your document size is correct, 148.5mm width x 210mm height (A5) is standard, but we can print any size.

2. Keep the pages in running order, don't set it up for printing, we will look after this. Include page numbers if possible.

3. Books need to be in a multiple of 4 pages. I.E. 4, 8,12,16 etc.

4. Try and avoid using a copy and paste of somebody elses previous wedding and changing the names. This is how embarassing errors occur.

5. If possible get your Priest/Officiant to read over it to make sure it is acceptable.

6. Use a spell check and get somebody else to proof read the document, it is amazing what you miss even reading it over and over. Fresh eyes will always spot mistakes.

7. Ceremony booklets are best kept simple, it is one of the things people remember least about a wedding.

Download our guide here

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